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Presented by:

Laurier Students' Union

We’re Gonna Make You Rich

Who says the sequel’s never as good as the original? Just like Shrek 2.

$5,000 for Tuition
$5,000 for Tuition
Forget paying for school next year. Treat yo'self to a round of Starbucks instead. Starbucks in Dubai.
Laurier Students' Union
AIR MILES® reward miles
AIR MILES® reward miles
With 10,000 AIR MILES® reward miles, how does studying for exams on a beach sound?
AIR MILES® Reward Program
Home Theatre System
Home Theatre System
Taylor Swift has never sounded better than with a 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theatre System.
$1,000 for Textbooks
$1,000 for Textbooks
It will almost be a pleasure waiting in the long bookstore line with $1,000 in textbooks. Almost.
DrinkSmart Inc
$1,000 for Groceries
$1,000 for Groceries
That'll buy a whole lot of organic, locally grown kale. But it'll buy even more Kraft Dinner.
Laurier Students' Public Interest Research Group
$1,000 Room Makeover
$1,000 Room Makeover
This one's for you and a pal. Don't settle for Grandma's tacky old throw pillows. Decorate your room, on us.
$500 Shop! Card
$500 Shop! Card
You'll always have something new to wear. With $500 for new clothes, you'll never go out of style.
Fairview Park Mall

How to Play

Three simple steps to win the greatest student prize.

Step 1
1 Create Your SLN Profile
By making your profile, you’re automatically entered to play. It’s so easy a baby could do it. Are you telling me you’re going to let yourself be outsmarted by a baby? If you’ve ever participated in an SLN contest before, just login for an even quicker way to enter.
2 Prizes on Prizes on Prizes on Prizes
It’s alive. It’s aliiiiiiiiiiive! We’re going to keep releasing prizes whenever we feel like it. You’d better check back often, if you want to win them all, you’ll have to opt into everything.
Step 1
Step 1
3 Show Us Your Best Facebook Creep
You’re not the type to put in the minimum amount of effort, right? Of course not! So here’s what you have to do to improve your chances of winning. Opt in to prizes, complete social actions, and use special voucher codes to earn extra entries into the contest. Each one is another chance for your name to be pulled to take the whole thing.

Lucky Winner Wall

Third times the charm. This is your chance.

Taylor Esselment
Elizabetta Gambetti
Laurier's Luckiest Student 1
Her boyfriend doubted her. Well, she sure showed him after we crowned her the winner of our first Laurier’s Luckiest Student contest.
Leah Meanwell
Maria Bowes
O-Week's Luckiest Student
We welcomed Maria to campus with extremely generous, open arms. Think she’ll manage to keep this luck going?
Possibly You
Justin Morris
$500 Richer
We kicked off Laurier’s Luckiest Student 2 with a bang - by giving away $500 in cold, hard cash. All it took Justin to win was one simple survey.

Feeling Lucky?

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